SHRAM-Self Help-Recycling, Altering and Manufacturing Group was started by a young MBA Piyusha Abbhi who coordinated a group of young village women of village Batamandi in Himachal Pradesh to bring out their latent talent and skills. The Group was established on 1st June 2008 and is known for making high quality products. The group has been engaged in making handicrafts from local industrial waste and has now diversified into food processing activities also.

The produce of The Sylvan Heights Biodynamic and Vedic Farm is being processed by the members of the group into various ready to eat products. Some of these products include pickles, candies, and chutneys, roasted snacks like puffed brown rice, puffed bajra ,roasted wheat and soya bean, Namkeen from flattened rice and other puffed grains. The products are roasted and are a must eat for health conscious people as these products are fat free. The Group keeps working on new product development to keep pace with the growing market trends.

KHAKRAS-A GUJARATI STAPLE that is known worldwide for its crispness and taste is being made by this group in a tinsel town of himachal Pradesh…The speciality of these khakras is that it is made with organic ingredients and has some unique flavours like khakras with herbs or multigrain khakras, Rice Crackers with peanut butter is another speciality of the group, Organic noodles from wheat flour is also a fast selling item, preferred over the conventional noodle brands being sold in the market. Recently the group has started making pinnies and ladoos from organic ingredients and with pure desi ghee. The traditional ladoos and pinnies in desi ghee have been modified into oats pinnie and multigrain ladoos, gluten free muesli that has a variety of puffed grains, and seeds and nuts- SHRAM’s list is endless!

For Trade Enquiries, Please Contact Piyusha Abbhi at The Sylvan Heights Biodynamic and Vedic Farm.